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Call Me For More Info: 07810270271
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About Me

Artist Daniel Mansfield

Daniel Mansfield Artist

Within the wild, mysterious and mystic beauty of the Highlands of Scotland, the spirit of an artist was born. I was born in the industrial English midlands and at a young age moved to the open spaces of Inverness in Scotland. After many years of far-reaching travels he is now based in Nottingham, England.

From early age, I was already creating art, poetry and music, transforming my world into expressions of colour and story within many sketchbooks. My travels took me around the world teaching of a deep spirituality understanding which influences my paintings and drawings, which are masterpieces of original and extraordinary talent. Inspired by artists such as Dali, Warhol, Turner and Botticelli my paintings reflect a fun flirtation with abstract surrealism. When seeing my work, I do hope the viewer can immediately recognize how strongly I desire to expresses my feelings, memories and struggles.

Through my passion for drawing I developed a unique style of transferring and transforming the energy of thought into drawings of thoughtfulness in the form of colour and sketches – thus, creating the most vibrant visual worlds. I am an adaptable and insightful painter. My work is deep and thoughtful, focussing on story, character and colour. I seek to delivers fantastic worlds through the creation of surreal exploration. My art is a voyage of self-discovery.

I have exhibited work in galleries in Scotland, England and Italy. My work is a fantastic addition to any art collection. My paintings are popular and continue to offer a unique experience of spirituality, story and passion through a journey of emotion and feelings. Thank you.



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I provide original portraits, fantastic landscapes and beautiful artwork that can capture a subject close to your heart. Whether a family member, pet, friend or even a building, I endeavour to create beautiful artwork that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Photos sent via email or post can be turned into beautifully drawn or painted art. Further information and examples of my work can be explored on this web site

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Many of my artwork can be ordered as a print framed or unframed, these original pieces of art make the most fabulous gifts.

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